Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer is off to a great start

We have a little cottage. Well, “cottage” actually is overstating it a bit.

Our place sits on the shores of a nice little lake less than an hour north of our home. It is an escape and a summer playground – and we get there as often in the summer as we can.

If you are a cottage owner, you know that Memorial Day weekend is most often a work weekend. We open the place, clean it, stock it, and get all the toys, gear, outdoor furniture and boats out of storage. There is a dock and a shore station to put in still cold water with neighbors and friends to help with the heavy lifting.

Our next door neighbor, a veteran, always gets his flagpole up with a POW/MIA flag flying right under the Stars and Stripes. If the sun comes out, I raise my colorful umbrellas just because they make me smile.

Not every Memorial Day weekend is warm enough for water sports, but this year we were blessed with some great weather. The wake boards and tubes came out and we spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening on the water.

What a great start to summer.

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