Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today I dyed.

Recently I received a huge shipment of undyed fiber and yarn. It included my favorite superfine merino and merino blends as well as two yarns that I could not resist trying.

I never liked the feel of wool on my skin until I ran into this 19 micron merino. It is so silky soft – it was a revelation. It feels nothing like ordinary wool. I love it alone or blended with other superior fibers such as tencel, bamboo, silk, or alpaca.

One yarn is an excellent sock yarn made of superwash merino, bamboo, and a bit of nylon for strength. The other is an exquisite mix of merino, silk, and alpaca in a heavier weight yarn.

Today I started adding color to this big box of white fiber goodness.

I dyed some superfine merino, and some sock yarn, and some silk to use when I make scarves. After that I dyed some more merino and sock yarn. I got very little else done today. Oh well.

Playing with color is so much fun. I use very few colors of dye. I just mix them until I get what I am looking for, and then hope for the best. I love the way these all turned out.

You will be seeing them soon in my shops as scarves, yarn, and roving. I can’t wait to get spinning.

And the best part? There is so much undyed fiber left. I get to do this again and again.

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  1. Love it! This speaks to the "hippie" in me...especially the "tie dye" look on the right.