Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Claw Tree #1

Along with many of our friends, I was fascinated by a birch sapling growing out of a large oak stump close to a favorite camping spot. Over the years, the sapling grew, but the stump decomposed. The birch sapling roots became exposed; they grew larger, and developed bark.

I made a simple sketch of this tree years ago when learning how to draw. A tree was a difficult subject given my lack of experience, but when I was finished it was recognizable as our “claw tree”.

Being able to actually draw this gave me the encouragement to continue drawing and eventually to pursue my creative urges into different mediums. It also started my fascination with claw trees.


  1. Wow. So, when did you figure out that you were so artistic? Was it a gift you always felt you had but was laying dormant? or did you stumble upon it by accident? Or did you fall and hit your head one day really hard and wake up with new talents? I'm curious...

  2. I was always creative, but developing some skills and being brave enough to try new things has been a many year process. I am having so much fun with it all.

    I just started this little business last summer, to see if some of the things I can't stop making can perhaps find a good home. I only can wear so many earrings and scarves. :)

    Once I get back to white-coat wearing jobs I won't have near as much time, but it's good for now.